fredag 2 oktober 2009


What is project Arnhem 1949?

  • The project was started by professional minature painting artist Martin Lindblom aka Amongtheway ( in Kalmar, Sweden. Now I don't recall the exact reason he choose Arnhem as a terrain project but we had been speaking about several terrain alternatives for a long time prior to his decision.

  • We've had several other table top miniature wargaming projects on going for quite some time, among them were "Space Marines: First contact" which is a project we started on long before the announcement that GW were releasing a new Space hulk of their own. Our project could be discribed as Advanced Space hulk. If ever we have enough time we will most likely finish that project aswell.

  • However, a bit tired of Games Workshop in general we sought something new to both play and work on. There are many things that apealed to us with Secrets of the third reich. Nazi zombies? Ofcourse. We are all pretty interested in the second world war in general so the time period fit us well, but I think what interested me mostly was that unlike games like Warhammer 40k this game were more a scenario based game and a game where you didn't have to have your own army. Instead we could just buy all sides and own them and work on them together. I think that is awsome.

  • So basically to make a quick summary of what the project is would be saying that we are trying to make a table top terrain of the dock/bridge area from the city of Arnhem in Holland during the second world war. We are using flight photos taken 1944 as references and to the best of our ability we will try make it as historicaly accurate as possible. We are also paiting an army for every faction.

  • The fact of the matter is that we have just gotten started on the terrain project and as of yet I have not yet actually been able to attend one of the work sessions when we've worked on the terrain pieces. There has only been two such session at this point.

  • Martin has been holding on to all the terrain pieces and as of late July he became a father to a litle boy which have taken up alot of his already limited time. As if that wasn't enough he also had to move into a new apartment in august. Now, this put the terrain project on a temporary halt.

  • In the meantime we have managed to start working on painting some of the miniatures, we started with the American infantry. They are not finished but they should be in one or two more sittings. I will post the few pictures we have taken so far. As the project progresses we will continue to post pictures and updates.

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