söndag 4 oktober 2009

Update: Work session

So after some trouble with the local bus connections I managed to drag myself over to Martin's apartment for another work session. Now the terrain is actually still unpacked and stuck inside a box in a closet so we kept working on the infantry. So basically we had a work order set up, we do this each time to keep track on where we are going with the miniatures and what to do next. Today we divided it like this.

Claes: Chameleon Snipers, 2 models
Martin: Wheatering effects on 48 infantry. Adding dust, mud, metal edging.

When I was done with the two chameleon snipers I ended up going back to the Springfield sniper and adding the same camoflage that I did on the Chameleon ones. We discussed a bit what colours we were to use on the chaemlon sniper weapons but in the end decided to go with the US army violet green, same used for most metal objects in the american army at the time, not on their weapons though in general with the exception from bazookas etc.

I was having some issue's with the knifes on the miniatures. It is so badly sculpted that without knowing it was knife one could never tell. I had already paindet the sheath's in flat brown and was wondering wether or not use the same on the handle seeing flat brown is the colour we had used for both leather and tree parts on weapons. Now if we were to be historicaly accurate atleast according to http://www.flamesofwar.com/ we should have used a colour called red leather for the Knife sheath's, however that is the same colour used on the boots and I still think that colour felt way of when we used it for the boots. However we have decided to keep it on the boots atleast for now. So I am stuck feeling that I've manged to make it look as all soldiers are carrying a plank of wood around with them on their backs.. weird. Wish it look more like knifes in the first place.

Another thing is the ammuntion to the 30.cal - 50.cal guns, right now it is looking a bit to much like bronze/gold so that will have to be reworked along with some other minor details. We do have and issue with taking pictures that really does our minitures justice. There are very sublte details on them and so far all pictures taken manages to show them the wrong way. We will try and take some more proffsional pictures of miniatures in time, showing of up to 5 miniatures at a time and not the entire army.

So with that in mind here is another picture taken, as mentioned above, this is not a very good picture, but we feel it is better to post semi-bad picture then none at all. Do enjoy and please feel free to leave any ideas or opinions as comments. All feedback is welcome both pro's and con's.

The latest picture taken of the US infantry

(ps.click on the image to see full size version)

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